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Fruitables Whole Jerky Thick Cut Bacon Dog Treats, 5oz

By Fruitables

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Open a bag of Fruitables treats and you will immediately smell the difference. At Fruitables, they make treats that taste as good as they smell. Warning - Fruitables Whole Jerky may cause your dog to drool, tremble, howl, and show a sudden increased interest in everything you are doing - don't worry, these reactions are perfectly natural! Nothing brings your dog running like the smell of fresh cooked bacon. Whole Jerky Thick Cut Bacon Dog Treats are thick meaty cuts that will satisfy even the wildest cravings! Fruitables treats come in different textures and a variety of flavors as broad as the rainbow - go ahead, explore the deliciously healthy world of Fruitables!

Key Benefits

  • Quality whole meat jerky
  • Whole premium cuts
  • No fillers, by-products - nothing artificial
  • Made & sourced in the USA!

Bacon, Natural Flavor

Crude Protein 58%
Crude Fat 3%
Crude Fiber 3%
Moisture 10%