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Catit Fresh & Clear Drinking Fountain 2L

By Catit

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Catit Design Fresh & Clear Cat Drinking Fountain provides an indoor source of fresh circulating water that will encourage your cat to drink more.

It provides clean, oxygenated water that your feline needs.

Key benefits
  • 2L (64 fl oz) water capacity: eliminates the need for daily refilling
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Replaceable Foam/Carbon Filter: collects food, hair and debris; also helps to reduce bad tastes, odors, and absorbs impurities present in tap water
  • Re-circulating water flow: cools and aerates water, eliminates stagnant water
  • Large water-to-surface area adds oxygen to water: for fresher, tastier water
  • Suitable for puppies and small dogs

  • Replacement foam/carbon filters (Art. # 50057) also available (sold separately).