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Catit Magic Blue Cat Litter Pan

By Catit

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The Magic Blue Litter Box has a new hood design that solves the filter scratching issues of the previous model, and the closed top ensures optimal ammonia absorption before it enters your living environment.

The Catit Magic Blue Litter Box Regular allows for optimal air filtration.

The hood helps capture hazardous ammonia gases inside – even without the front door – enabling the Magic Blue filter pads to absorb these much more easily and effectively. The Litter box includes a free Magic Blue Cartridge set (#44305), but can also be used without Magic Blue.

The Magic Blue Litter Box is very easy to scoop and clean thanks to the wide front-to-top opening. The litter box door was designed to be fully cat friendly. Its special opening mechanism enables the door to lift outward and upward easily, preventing paws or tails from getting caught in between.

As cats usually turn their head to the opening of the litter box when urinating, we raised the back side of the litter box. The litter box has a special rim that prevents leaks and integrates a bag holder at the front.

The Magic Blue litter box features a handy carrying handle at the top and slider locks on both sides.

Large: (LxHxW) 22.4″ x 18.3″ x 16.5″ / door opening: (HxW) 10.4″ x 9.6″ Jumbo: (LxHxW) 57 x 46.5 x 43 cm / door opening: (HxW) 26.5 x 24.5 cm