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Catit Magic Blue Refill Pads Odor Defence

By Catit

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Catit Magic Blue Cartridge absorbs up to 80% of ammonia and up to 50% of other foul odors, depending on the cat's diet. It absorbs hazardous ammonia gases 25 times more effectively than carbon based filters.

Key Features:
  • Safe and easy
  • Non-toxic
  • Unscented
  • Fits every litter box

  • 1 Magic Blue = 25 carbon filters! To be absolutely sure that Magic Blue really works, we sent the product to an independent laboratory for meticulous testing. First, either Magic Blue or carbon filter pads were placed in the top filter gap of a hooded litter box. Next, ammonia was added. The air that exited the litter box through the filter gap, was analyzed for ammonia content, which revealed the rate of absorption.

    This packaging contains Magic Blue filter pads for 3 months.