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Catit Play Tumbler Bee Interactive Toy

By Catit

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The Bee Tumbler will be your cat's favorite toy because it emits a laser something that cats love that will try to hunt it for hours and hours, it also has a very colorful bee so your cat can play and try to hunt it. You can place inside your cat's favorite feed or prizes (up to 10 mm) and the ball will dispense them for the duration of the game.

Encourage your cat to perform physical activities Cats that live in houses or apartments and do not go abroad are very likely to be obese as are castrated cats, which can have harmful effects on their health, which is why we should encourage them to exercise and the Tumbler Bee Will be our perfect ally , simply put the batteries in, insert your favorite feed inside and ready your cat will have the most fun.

Main Features of Bee Tumbler Emits laser beam Drop prizes to stimulate your cat Colorful bee that you can replace. Replaceable batteries (not included)