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DermCare Pyohex Medicated Shampoo

By Dermcare

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The Chlorhexidine in PYOHEX works by binding to hair and penetrating the follicle via a wicking action down the hair shaft, to eliminate bacteria in situ. Chlorhexidine kills bacteria by disrupting the cell membrane and precipitating the cell contents.

PYOHEX binds strongly to the skin and hair, resulting in a 4 day residual action. As Chlorhexidine is poorly absorbed through the skin, PYOHEX is completely safe.

PYOHEX contains an advanced surfactant base that removes abnormal lipids that occur due to bacterial lipases.

PYOHEX does not dry or strip the coat of essential lipids needed to prevent transepidermal water loss, a process that promotes infection.

PYOHEX is pH neutral, specifically designed for canine skin.

Key benefits
  • Comes in 250ml or 1L sizes
  • For primary or secondary Pyoderma caused by bacteria
  • As an adjunct to treatment for demodectic mange and other deep pyodermas
  • As a preventative for recurrent pyodermas
  • German Shephard Furunculosi
  • Does not irritate or dry like a Chlorhexidine scrub
  • For use on dogs and puppies