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WashBar 100% Natural Daily Spritzer in Citrus & Manuka for Dogs 250ml

By WashBar

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For a fresh smelling dog without synthesized perfumes and no alcohol to irritate sensitive skins, grab a bottle of WashBar 100% Natural Daily Spritzer. The Spritzer in Citrus and Manuka is a bloke-friendly fragrance to make your dog smell zesty fresh between washes.

The WashBar 100% Natural Daily Spritzer in Citrus and Manuka has a lemony fresh unisex aroma for the in-between wash freshen up. Manuka Pure Essential oil helps combat skin irritation and infections while Lemon Myrtle Pure Essential oil deodorises coats and refreshes the senses.

Key Benefits

  • Safe to use in conjunction with WashBar 100% Flea Repellent or topical flea and tick products
  • No alcohol or preservatives
  • Use genuine Manuka and Kanuka hydrosols - a by-product of essential oil distillation
  • Easy-to-use spray-on freshener - convenient to use them everywhere
  • Sprayed directly onto bedding, car upholstery or simply used as a general air freshener


  • Spray liberally onto your animals’ coat ― one or two squirts for a very small dog up to 6 or more for a big 60kg+ dog. It's totally safe, you can't overdo it.
  • If your dog is nervous about being sprayed with something, spray into your hands and gently rub through their coat.
  • Water (aqua), Manuka hydrosol (Leptospermum scoparium), Kanuka hydrosol (Kunzea ericoides), Macadamia extract, Lemon Myrtle Pure Essential Oil (Backhousia citriodora).