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Papai Soluble Probiotic Pet Digestive Supplement 150g

By Papai

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A palatable daily probiotic supplement specially for cats and dogs.

Papai’s range of products are developed in partnership with the worldwide practising veterinarians and microbiologists.

Key Benefits:
Inhibition of the bactria Escherichia coli and Salmonella
Encourage normal digestive function
Enhance natural immunity

For Use With:
• Loss of appetite
• Indigestion
• Sensitive gut
• Diet change
• Outing or travel
• Change of living environment
• Under stress of anxiety
• Attend contest or pet show
• Mild diarrhea or vomiting
• Before and after surgery or anaesthetic

Directions For Use
To be added to your pet's food or water daily.
Below 10Kg Body Weight: 1 Level Measure (2G)
Above 10Kg Body Weight: 2 Level Measure (4G)
*It should be consumed within 12 hours if added to water or milk.
Contains 3 Billion CFU/gram of lives (viable)naturally occurring microorganisms