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WashBar 100% Natural Flea Repellent for Dogs 40ml

By WashBar

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WashBar 100% Natural Flea Repellent helps in the control of fleas.
It puts the control back in dog owners' hands – it can be used as an alternative when you don't want to use a topical flea treatment, or if your pet reacts to them. It can also be used in conjunction with topical or pill treatments – when flea populations peak and it's a struggle to keep fleas off the dog before the next dose is due - WashBar Flea Repellent helps you stick to the recommended application intervals.

Key Benefits

  • 100% Natural ingredients used - Neem and other essential oils
  • Specially formulated for dogs
  • Each bottle contains approx 50 - 60 applications.


Put 2 to 3 drops directly on the skin by parting the hair at the nape of the neck and at the base of the tail. Alternatively you can apply 3 to 4 drops on the inside of your dog’s collar and at the base of the tail. Regular brushing helps to distribute the product through the dog’s coat. In the unlikely event a dog has a reaction to this product apply to the collar only and discontinue use if reactions persist. Suitable for daily or monthly usage.

Contains 100% Natural Ingredients: Neem Oil & essential oils of Cedarwood, Rosemary, Lemongrass, Thyme & Peppermint in a Sunflower Oil base.